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As we are the owner of the platform, the censorship conservatives and classic Democrats experience in the legacy platforms disappears -- or you could say the tables are turned on the Liberals.

Our only censorship will be towards nudity, fowl language, personal attacks, as well as anyone representing our enemies from Islam and/or Liberal causes.

Liberal causes does not include classic Democrats - Liberals have an agenda and it is quite obvious what they are, they love their destruction more than they love our country.

Classic Democrats stand out from Liberals and refuse to be any part of their agenda, as do conservatives.

We encourage debating the principles and the topic - when anyone lowers the conversation into name calling and/or unverified accusations, then a block will be placed on the offending part of a period of time, dependent on the severity of the attack (minimum 3 days, maximum 7 days).

Any repeated disciplinary actions on anyone will result in permanent removal and the recording of the offense for future reference.

Be advised that criminal activity, harassment, and/or the promotion of violence in any form, against any one, will find themselves removed without warning and may even be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Any personal information shared with us at anytime will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Any questions, concerns, suggestions, or reporting can be sent via email to webmaster [at] decisiveliberty -dot- news

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Questions can always be sent to our webmaster, response time will vary, however, you should have a response within 24 hours.